Behind the Veterinarian’s Curtain

What we don’t see behind all the love and care



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For some, becoming a veterinarian is a dream come true.

I mean, c’mon, what could be more rewarding than helping animals in need, making a difference in their lives, and providing them with the best care we possibly can, right?

And there’s nothing more gratifying than to nurse a sick or injured animal back to its full health.

I should know, because while I dreamt of becoming one, my sister beat me to it and actually became one.

But just like any job, it ain’t always sunshine and rainbows when you are a veterinarian. Especially when you’re a veterinarian.

The typical day of a vet starts with the opening of the clinic for business. Followed by an hour or so of reviewing appointments, checking emails, and catching up on any overnight emergency cases.

For most, a pot of well-caffeinated beverage would’ve been brewed and standing by now.

Shortly after, appointments start rolling in. These are often routine check-ups, vaccinations, or scheduled surgeries.

Pet owners and their furry little friends are greeted with a smile, proceeded by an in-depth check-up of the pet, and ending in a Q&A session to reassure owners that everything is just fine.

Every veterinarian has a dedicated period each day for surgical procedures. These include spaying and neutering, dental procedures, and other complex operations for pets with more serious conditions.

But on occasion, there will be emergencies that require immediate attention. Situations when all hands on deck need to think on their feet, with their physical and mental abilities pushed to the very brink — perhaps even beyond.

One such incident happened on a Tuesday morning as a distressed Labrador owner rushed through the door, with a wide-eyed gaze on his face desperately seeking reassurance.

At first sight, the tail-wagging Labrador looked exuberant and lively, but she seemed to be experiencing an acute gastrointestinal issue.

She has been vomiting intermittently over the past couple of days.” said the owner.




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